iWave is excited to launch the Intel® Agilex 7 System on Modules that support the Agilex F-Series (R24C) & Agilex I-Series (R31B)

iWave Systems
3 min readSep 15, 2022


Nuremberg, Germany 23rd June 2022 — iWave Systems, an embedded technology computing company, is pleased to announce the launch of the AGILEX System on Module.

The System on Module supports two variants of Intel® Agilex FPGA SoC devices, which includes Agilex F-Series and AgilexTM I-Series

  • iW-RainboW-G43 — Intel® Agilex R31BSoC SOM: AGI 019, AGI 023, AGI 022, AGI 027
  • iW-RainboW-G51 — Intel® Agilex R24C SoC SOM: AGF 006, AGF 008, AGF 012, AGF 014, AGF 022, AGF 023, AGF 027

Agilex SoC/FPGAs enable customized acceleration and connectivity for a wide range of computing & bandwidth-intensive applications such as data center, networking, and edge applications while providing an improvement in performance with 40% lower power consumption. Furthermore, it delivers 2x fabric performance per watt and integrates the ARM Cortex A53 Core application processor to provide high system integration.

Available in a 120mm x 90mm form factor, The system on modules is the industry’s first to offer a pin compatible System on Module covering a majority of the F-Series and the I-Series.

The Agilex System on Module is power-packed with up to 2.7M programmable logic elements for processing huge/complex data algorithms. Besides this, the SoM supports primary interface and components, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 port, JTAG, UART, onboard DDR4 and eMMC flash for storage, high-speed transceivers, and more.

Complementing the Agilex SoC on-chip resources, the SoM provides for:

  • Up to 64 FGT transceiver channels (up to 32G NRZ / 58G PAM4)
  • Up to 8 FHT transceiver channels (up to 58G NRZ / 116G PAM4)
  • On SoM PTP & SyncE Network Synchronizers
  • SmartVID adjusts voltage as per the temperature and performance requirements
  • Up to 138 LVDS/276 SE IOs
iWave’s Agilex SOM

“The two new System on Modules featuring the new Intel® Agilex SoC are built to enable companies in developing leading-edge computing applications by providing flexible and feature-rich platforms”, said Ahmed Shameem M H, Hardware Project Manager at iWave Systems.” Through years of remote work and supply chain challenges, a system on module-based product approach seems to be the preferred route. iWave has designed these SoMs to suit various applications by including a plethora of interfaces.”

To enable quick prototyping and speed up development, iWave supports customers by providing reference designs in the form of development kits and sophisticated up-to-date software packages.

More information on the iW-RainboW-G43 and iW-RainboW-G51 Agilex SoC- System on Modules can be found here.

For further information or enquiries, please contact mktg@iwavesystems.com.