iWave launches Telematics Connect Hub: A Cost-Optimized Secure Telematics Solution

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3 min readNov 15, 2023


iWave launches a compact and secure Telematics Connect Hub powering fleet management and telematics in Electric Vehicles, Racing motorbikes, industrial machinery, and off-road machinery. Powered by an Arm Cortex-A7 Micro-Processor, the telematics hub features 2 CAN-FD Ports, GNSS, an Accelerometer and Gyroscope, and an integrated Hardware Secure Element.

Integrated with LTE Cat-1 Bis. and Bluetooth wireless connectivity options, the telematics hub enables seamless connectivity between vehicles and networks. The Telematics Hub is built in a rugged enclosure with an IP67 protection class, offering robust protection against shock, vibration, dust, and water. The integrated hardware secure element on the hub ensures the important security block in connected vehicles and in-vehicle networking applications. This security component supports Secure firmware Updates, CAN Message Authentication, High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Cryptographic Support, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Authentication in automotive systems.

Key features of Telematics Connect Hub

  • Arm Cortex — A7 Core Micro-Processor
  • 2 CAN-FD Ports
  • Integrated Hardware Secure Element
  • Cellular Connectivity: LTE Cat 1 bis
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • GNSS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope
  • IP67 Protection Class
  • LINUX 5.15 BSP Support
Telematics Connect Hub

“The cost-optimized Telematics Connect hub is built to power telematics applications in electric vehicles, two-wheelers, passenger cars and off-highway vehicles with the required security,” said Tawfeeq Ahmed, Associate Director — Marketing at iWave. “Featuring CAN-FD ports, inertial sensors, LTE and Bluetooth connectivity element, the hub helps customers make better decisions on their fleet and actionable insights through data.”

The telematics connect hub in electric vehicles helps visualize driver and vehicle performance while gathering actionable insights on battery health, charging schedule, EV Station’s analytics, routing, and dispatch workflows. In two-wheelers, off-highway vehicles, and industrial machinery, the telematics hub is built to enable use cases such as fleet management, navigation analytics, and vehicle diagnostics.

With the support for a Linux BSP with APIs for all peripherals of the connect hub, customers are provided with the versatility and transparency needed to construct their customized software and analytics applications. Customers can port their custom data logging and edge logic, analytics and telemetry application layer, integration with a cloud platform of their choice, and device management and OTA software layer.

iWave also offers complementary protocol stacks such as UDS Client, UDS Server, ISO 11898, J1939, and ISO 15675–4, which can be ported on the Telematics Connect Hub, making the solution compatible with different vehicle standards, architectures, and use cases.

iWave, an embedded system engineering and solutions company, specializes in the design and manufacturing of telematics control units, telematics gateways, and connected automotive solutions. With a strategic focus on the automotive vertical market, iWave empowers automotive OEMs with edge computing platforms, telematics solutions, and ODM design services.

More information on Telematics Connect Hub can be found here.

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